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About Us

Welcome to our Company

Design Philosophy

•Tailoring each project to its Owners' particular wishes and desires.


•Designing each place as life’s stage where its occupants can thrive.

•Creating original once-off Architecture. No cookie-cutters.

•Selecting local, cost-effective and ‘green’ materials and methods in preference to insensitive and extravagant alternatives.

•Sculpting appropriate materials for maximum added value. A pile of bricks and an expertly designed brick structure have the same mass, but very different value.

•Employing innovative materials, methods and technology where it matters.

•Shaping structure in best response to its function. Shaping spaces in best response to views, circulation and orientation.

•Crafting the building envelope as an optimal filter for light, air, sound and beauty.

•Enabling local craftsman and workers with projects to be proud of.

•Delighting Employers with buildings that exceed their expectation.

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We maintain a strong admin and architectural team, Our enthusiasm and passion for great design drives the success of each project we undertake

Peter Calitz


Lesley Pullen


Nicholas Miller

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